If this was your boat, how would you know?

A Nautical ID plate solves this simply and effectively and allows any witness to message you via your personalised QR Code, sending you a text message instantly.

All for less than the equivalent of £5 per month

If this was your boat, how would you know?

Scan our QR code to see how it works, let us know what’s wrong with our boat and we’ll send you a discount code so you can add extra protection to your boat today.

Is your boat Safe?

Do you wish there was an effective, simple and reasonably priced solution that alerts you if your boat is in trouble?

For most boatowners the answer to all of these questions is "yes".

For less than the equivalent of £5 a month, anyone can contact you instantly via your personalised QR code on the Nautical ID plate.

Don’t let this be you?

Thankfully not all problems will lead to boat loss, but they do often escalate quickly

We help to keep watch on your boat,

Why wouldn’t you want to know you had a problem, so you can take action?


Take immediate action to help safeguard your boat.

Let's go!

Once Nautical ID is installed on your boat anyone can contact you with advance notice of any problem.

Here are some of the issues Nautical ID have alerted our members to:

  • Fender damage
  • Tender damage
  • Loose shroud
  • Loose rigging
  • Lost tender / toy
  • Taking on water
  • Broken guard rail
  • Loose mooring
  • Anchor slipping
  • Tide going out
  • Grounding
  • Incorrect anchorage
  • Drifting
  • Hull damage/collision
  • Alarms going off
  • Hitting the dock
  • Open hatches
  • Ripped covers
  • Navigation Lights left on
  • Power Supply loose or disconnected

Here's how it works


Sign up today and we will send you your Nautical ID pack.


Place the all-weather plates visibly on your boat.Scan the QR code to set up the boat profile.


The code is now live and can be scanned by anyone to alert you of any problems.

Receive notifications

Once someone has scanned your personalised QR Code, you will receive a text message instantly alerting you to the problem.

Sign up today and receive your Nautical ID pack

Whether handled by experienced sailors or not, boats encounter problems, often whilst the owner is away. Some of these issues will become serious and potentially lead to boat loss. Nautical ID aims to resolve this by allowing anyone who may spot a boat in trouble contact the owner to let them know instantly.

By joining Nautical ID today you are taking full advantage of our simple yet effective solution that means anyone who spots a problem on your boat can now let you know immediately. Whether it be another boat colliding with it, a boat taking on water, a snapped line, or to simply let you know weather conditions may leave it exposed.

69% of boats that sink, do so when docked or moored, don’t let your boat become one of them.

What is Nautical ID?

Why not take a look at our short informative film about how Nautical ID can help you as a boat owner. Just scan the code with the camera on your phone. On your info page, you only need to provide the information you want to make available to others. If you choose not to share your personal mobile number or e-mail, you can still be contacted via our smart SMS function!

The Product

The product kit includes two Nautical ID plates that are custom built to suit the boats location and includes the SMS feature that allows you to remain anonymous but still contactable, all this and a one year membership with Nautical ID Price £59

What your press says

Nautical ID has unveiled a simple, user-friendly solution for alerting owners that there is a problem with their boat. Until now, there has been no easy way to let an owner know that there is a problem


Boating Business.

Nautical ID makes global debut - A new system that alerts boat owners to problems has been launched by Nautical ID International in the UK.


International Boat industry

Nautical ID offers a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective solution for alerting boat owners about problems. Invented in Sweden, the scheme is now being launched in the UK and internationally.


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