Nautical ID Membership

£59.00 / year

Let us help you keep watch and protect your boat today!

Have you ever had a problem with your boat? Do you wish someone could have forewarned you?

Do you wish there was an effective, simple and reasonably priced solution that alerts you if your boat is in trouble?

For most boatowners the answer to all of these questions is “yes”.

Whether handled by experienced sailors or not, boats encounter problems, often whilst the owner is away. Some of these issues will become serious and potentially lead to boat loss. Nautical ID aims to resolve this by allowing anyone who may spot a boat in trouble contact the owner to let them know instantly.

By joining Nautical ID today you are taking full advantage of our simple yet effective solution that means anyone who spots a problem on your boat can now let you know immediately. Whether it be another boat colliding with it, a boat taking on water, a snapped line, or to simply let you know weather conditions may leave it exposed.

67% of boats that sink, do so when docked or moored, don’t let your boat become one of them.

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Surely it would be reassuring to know that if anyone notices damage or other issues affectinging your boat, they have the opportunity to contact you?

Our NID Plate is the solution for you!
You simply attach a tag to the bow and stern on each side of the boat. When you have finished, just scan the QR code for registration and you are in the process of creating your info page.

Our NID Plate is made of epoxy, the same material many boats are made of. This is to cope with varying weather conditions in which boats are used.

The installation is very simple, just make sure that the surface is well cleaned before mounting.

Also check out our dock sign that you attach to your dock mooring in your home port.

Dimensions: 15 × 5 cm

The package contains:

2pcs NID Plates in epoxy with unique qr code.
Product sheet and assembly instructions.

Additional information

Plate colour

Blue, Black, White/Blue

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