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Nautical ID Membership

£89.00 / year

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When you sign up today we will send you two Nautical ID plates, to place on your boat where they are visible and clear, and a Nautical ID pennant.

Included with this is an instruction manual on how to set up your account with us, though this is very simple and easy to do.

Once set up and the plates are installed anyone who scans the QR code on the plate can now contact you letting you know of any problems. They may even want to just let you know how much they envy you.

You choose how much of your personal information is displayed, and even if you choose to be totally anonymous you are still contactable via our system.

You can now be alerted to any issues with your boat that could end up being costly or more serious, as well as allowing people provide you with any evidence you may need should you need to involve your insurer.

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Blue, Black, White/Blue

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